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Motor Services

We collect data through IoT devices and Smartphones and process and classify them through artificial intelligence algorithms, delivering relevant information to insurance carriers to create connected programs focused on policyholders. Each user's risks il assessed on his behavior rather than the positioning on a risk cluster based on location, age or other generic parameters. In case of emergency we provide immediate and effective assistance.

All collected and analyzed data is stored in a dedicated Data Center with disaster recovery site to always provide required performance, security and resilience.

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Driver behavior analysis for a personalized offer

Each driver has the possibility of being assessed on the basis of his specific risk and not on location, age, profession or other non-personal parameters.

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To the company to propose diversified offers for each type of Driver.

Drivers to know and improve their driving style by reducing the probability of accidents and accessing more favorable conditions.

As demonstrated by numerous successful cases, connected insurance makes companies happy, which have more virtuous customers, and customers, who spend less and drive safer, for their own benefit and that of the community.


Trip analysis allows you to evaluate the environmental impact of your driving and reduce it, thanks to targeted and timely suggestions.

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The advantage is not only for the environment but also for the customer who can monitor and reduce not only fuel consumption but also vehicle wear (tyres, brakes, etc.).

The carrier can implement programs that reward eco-sustainability, with effective and demonstrable repercussions, with a benefit not only in terms of image but also in terms of eco-sustainability budget.


The policyholder and the vehicle drivers are sensitized to responsible driving with personalized messages related to driving style and advice from the digital assistant on how to improve in various areas.

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Companies can activate games and reward systems, at the level of the entire portfolio or small communities, to engage users also with targeted and focused campaigns.

Historically, companies have struggled to attract customers to use their apps, but a connected app offers many contact opportunities to actively involve customers in targeted and interesting content, creating the opportunity for targeted promotions and enhancing customer relationships.

Active and continuous assistance

Fairconnect provides assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through its Emergency Operations Center or possibly other specialized centers chosen by the Company.

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Active assistance takes place in real time thanks to the instantaneous automatic detection of incidents or following requests from the customer with the simple push of a button. A specialized team offers assistance to help the customer in case of accidents, thefts or other emergencies.

Wherever the accident occurs and at any time, the center operator is able to know the dynamics and the exact location of the accident and direct the assistance effectively, whether it is roadside assistance, an ambulance or the police forces.

In the event of theft, we manage the emergency by locating the vehicle in real time and collaborating with the police for the search and recovery of the vehicle.

Claims management

We detect accidents in real time and reconstruct the dynamics of the event (exact geolocation, direction of the impact, position of the collision on the car, timing, etc.).

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Telemetry and acceleration data collected by the device and the app are enriched during the assistance contact when we collect information on the accident immediately, which helps to reconstruct what actually happened, accelerating and streamlining the settlement process.

Even if there is no need for assistance, in case of less severe accidents, the company App, enriched with the related functions offered by FairConnect, allows user contact to offer support in managing the accident and collect information through the virtual assistant as well as certified photographs of the place and time they were taken.

This information is made available to our Operations Centre, the agent and the company to promptly activate the claims management and facilitating the collection and sharing of relevant information among all the players involved, thus facilitating both the agent and the drivers.

The timely opening facilitates channeling to the approved body shops and guides the customer who is guided through the process.

The customer has a positive experience, agents and settlers have simpler and faster management, the carrier saves money and retains customers.

Value-added services

Connected solutions make life easier for policyholders with additional services: Find myCar, Trip report, Consumption monitoring, Trip alert, etc.

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  • Find myCar: location of the car simply to know where it was parked, very useful if they are more familiar with using it.
  • Route report: list of all journeys made with indication of driving style, dangerous events and suggestions for improvement.
  • Consumption monitoring and suggestions to reduce them.
  • Unexpected vehicle movement alert
    Support to the opposition in case of fines, certifying the effective localization of the vehicle in case of infringements.
  • Possibility of activating areas of interest with entry and exit signaling and immediate sharing with whoever you want.
  • Weather alert: the customer is informed when particularly intense weather events are expected (storms, hail, strong winds, ...) in the place where he is, allowing him to take the appropriate precautions.

All services are provided with respect for the privacy of vehicle users.

Data Collection

FairConnect has developed various solutions for data collection, to meet different needs in terms of cost, required services, ease of activation and quality and richness of the data to be collected.

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  • DriveQ Mobile - (SmaaS): thanks to a simple and intuitive App, the Smartphone becomes an intelligent sensor, able to detect journeys, and any crashes, and collect travel data. This solution has the great advantage of avoiding the installation of IoT devices on the vehicle, thus reducing costs and times.
  • DriveQ Mobile Plus: extends the DriveQMobile solution with a self-installing and self-powered IoT device similar to a Telepass .
    Installed on the windshield in a visible position, it bears the company logo and colours.
    Connected with the BLE to the telephone, it makes it possible to distinguish the journeys made on the insured vehicle and, thanks to the accelerometer and the installation on the windscreen, it allows even minor crashes to be detected with great precision. With the emergency button, the request for help is immediate and intuitive. There is also a version with autonomous connection to the data network to detect trips and crashes even in the absence of a smartphone.
  • SafeDrive: an IoT device connected to the vehicle's power supply makes it possible to offer all the services and functions even in the absence of a Smartphone and to offer effective protection against theft. Available in hidden version with battery or vehicle installation or in windshield version with hands-free functions and emergency button.
  • DriveQ Safe: the ideal solution to protect against theft, self-powered with a 4-year battery life, it can be installed by the customer or by an installer. Thanks to the BLE connection to the telephone, it is able to detect movements in the absence of the customer and promptly report them to the customer to immediately activate the recovery procedures.
    The smartphone is ath the hearth of FairConnect solutions becaue it enables effective and distinctive services, actively engaging the customer to intelligent risk management.

Customer Care

We offer a Customer Care service dedicated to supporting the customer program processes created by the company to ensure its success.

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  • We provide multichannel support to policyholders on the installation of IoT devices and the activation of Smartphone Apps.
  • We also supporting the policyholder and/or insurance agencies in the correct use and management of our solutions. In Italy, where professional installation is required, we have a capillar network of professional installers.

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