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Property Services

With a combination of IoT devices and Smartphones we collect various data in the home and we process them with Artificial Intelligence proprietary algorithms to extract relevant information for insurance companies to create innovative connected programs based on the presence ant the activity inside the home, always preserving privacy and data protection.

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Behavior analysis

Through the analysis of behaviors and habits we offer useful information to the company and the policyholders

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This analysis allows:

  • The company to propose tailored offers to each customer
  • The customer to know how to limit risks and costs of his home


The insight we provide promote environmental sustainability, helping to monitor and reduce consumption in terms of electricity and gas.

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In particular, the analysis of the domestic environment makes it possible to evaluate the environmental impact and reduce it, thanks to targeted suggestions.

Not only does the environment benefit, but also the customer who can monitor and reduce consumption of electricity and gas.

Furthermore, the carrier can implement programs that reward eco-sustainability, with effective and demonstrable returns, with a benefit not only in terms of image but also in terms of eco-sustainability budget.


It is possible to increase the engagement of customers through a reward system based on the policyholder's behaviour.

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Policyholders are encouraged to behave more responsibly with personalized messages related to the use of their home and advice from the virtual assistant on how to improve in various areas.

Companies can activate games and reward systems, at the level of the entire portfolio or small communities, to engage users.

Historically, companies have struggled to attract customers to use their apps, but a connected app offers many contact opportunities to actively involve customers in targeted and interesting content, creating the opportunity for targeted promotions and enhancing customer relationships.

Claims management

We are able to detect relevant events in real time (absence of electricity, fire, flooding, etc.) and assist the policyholder by notifying him and possibly collecting information on the spot, which helps to reconstruct what actually happened, also helping and streamlining the settlement process.

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Even if there is no need for assistance from our Emergency Operations Centre, in case of less severe events, the company App, enriched with the connected functions offered by FairConnect, enable the carrier to contact the user, offer support in managing of the accident and collect information through the virtual assistant guiding the usere in collecting photographs with certified location and time, to be used within the settlement process.

This information is made available to our Emergency Operations Centre, the agent and the company to promptly activate the management of the claim and facilitating the collection and sharing of relevant information among all the players involved. thus facilitating both the agent and the policyholder.

Timely opening facilitates channeling to authorized service centers and guides the customer towards simpler management for him and more efficient for the company.

The customer has a positive experience, the agent has simpler and faster management, the company saves money and retains customers.

Active and continuous assistance

Fairconnect provides assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through its Operations Center or possibly other specialized centers chosen by the Company.

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Active assistance takes place in real time thanks to the instantaneous detection of anomalous events or requests from the customer with the simple push of a button. A specialized team offers assistance to help the customer in case of detection of connections, electrical anomalies and other emergencies.

Value-added services

IoT devices and Smartphone App enable value-added services to policyholder, that can monitor and control his place when away.

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Simple but effective services are enabled by connected programs:

  • Any absence of electric power is promply notified so that in case of prolongued interruption action can be taken to prevent inconvenience like the loss of refrigerated goods, the deactivation of antitheft system.
  • Temperature is constantly under control and in case it overcomes defined tresholds notification is promptly sent to inform the users.
  • In case of need a courtesy light can be lit in case of need.
  • If family members allow it, their presence can be monitored to know who is at home.
    The IoT device has backup battery to support notifications also in case of lack of power.

Data Collection

Different components contribute to the collection of home data: connected IOT device, sensors, smartphones, wifi integration.

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The collection of data relating to a house takes place in various ways.

  • Microbox Home: a smart connected IoT Hub easyly installed by plugging it in a power socket, it connects to our datacenter through wi-fy or mobile network.
    The hub integrates a temperature sensor, an accelerometer to detect tampering and vibration, a subsonic sensor to detect presence and intrusions.
    Temperature sensor, constantly monitor environment temperature.
    Water sensors report water leaks and prevent flooding.
    Smoke sensors report the presence of smoke or fire.
    Electrical sensors, to signal anomalies in the electrical network.
    Cameras to detect intrusions and monitor the site.
  • By integrating our solutions directly with the connected devices in the house.
    All the work is managed by an internal team of qualified engineers who design and develop our solutions.

Eventually we can offer the company a dedicated and exclusive access for simplified data management.

Customer Care

We offer a Customer Care service dedicated to supporting the customer program processes created by the company to ensure its success.

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  • Supporting the policyholder in the process of installing IoT devices, thanks to a vast network of professional installers operating throughout Italy.
  • Supporting the policyholder and/or insurance agencies in the correct use of our solutions.

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